14 Day Free Trial Version

Jazer 100 Trial Version
A free trial version of Jazer 100 is available at the link below which includes a sample data file, user manual, and most of the features available in our Jazer products.

The free trial will function for 14 days, and any data files saved with the trial version are accessible by purchased versions.

*** Download Free Trial Version ***

Two ways to Get the Download:

1. Click on the link and when you are asked if you wish to Run or Save the file, choose Run.
If your operating system shows an alert message, choose the "Actions" button, and then choose "Run Anyway".
If realtime protection or antivirus software then provides another alert message, choose "Run this program anyway".

2. Right mouse click on the Link and choose "Save Target As" from the menu.
In the "Save As" window, choose your Desktop, and click "Save".

If your realtime protection or antivirus software says that it removed the file, click on "View Details", then click on "Restore". When the file Setup_Jazer100Trial.exe appears on your desktop, double-click the file and the installer will begin. After installation, delete the Setup_Jazer100Trial.exe file from your desktop.

Running the Trial Version

During the installation process, a user manual and initial data file are installed. Both of these are accessed once the program is running.

If Jazer 100 was not started as the last step of the installation process, it can be started by either double clicking the Jazer desktop icon, or by selecting Jazer from your programs list. Jazer 100 can also be started by double-clicking the data file.

Once the program is running, the main window of the program will be displayed. To begin, click on the "File"pull-down menu, and select "Open". From the dialog box, select the file named TrialDataFile.jsd from the choices, and click the "Open" or "OK" button. Jazer 100 will initialize with this file. The program will open the Finance Manager window with the example data file informaton.

The User Manual is accessible from the Help menu on the right, and is a step-by-step guide that walks through each section of the program in detail using the data from the TrialDataFile.

You may want to perform a "Save As" and rename the file so that you can edit the data, but preserve the initial sample data file. These files will be accessible from the purchased version as well, so any data that you enter will not be lost.

Editable titles and values are highlighted in Green, and clicking on Blue text will bring up an information window. The green and blue font colors can be turned off in the Display Options window found in the Utilities menu.

Thank you.

If you get a warning

If you are running realtime protection or antivirus software it may quarantine the installer or show it as a risk "WS.Reputation.1". This is not a virus. It simply means that the download is new to the realtime protection software. Each time we provide a new or upgraded software product, the "reputation" of the software is "new" and therefore unknown to these types of filters.
Jazer Solutions has submitted the proper information to the companies that develop realtime protection and antivirus software to resolve this issue.

There are several workarounds if taking the steps above does not install the trial version:

1. If the install file vanished after download, it is actually not deleted. It has been moved to quarantine and can be restored.
2. A second option is to disable antivirus/reatime protection long enough to download and install the program.

In addition, later versions of Windows may give warning messages including "Publisher Unknown". This is because they are running a filter that validates that the software is from who it says it's from. Since you are downloading from us, you know that it is from us, however Microsoft does not know us (yet). We are in the process of obtaining the certificates and software required to Authenticode code sign our software and we will be added to the Windows "publisher known list".

Also, there is a bug in some browsers that causes the dot in the file name to be replaced with an underscore.
The Jazer setup file may appear as Setup_Jazer100Trial_exe. The file can be saved and renamed "Setup_Jazer100Trial.exe".

Contact Information

Jazer Solutions

Jazer Solutions, LLC - (609) 975-8192
email: info@jazersolutions.com