Debt - "The Heavy Burden"

Debt can be overwhelming, and burden us in a way that affects every aspect of our lives including our health. If we don't manage debt, and work to eliminate debt, it can easily get to the point where it manages us. The effects of debt emotionally, psychologically, and physically are getting increased attention from the medical community.

How we approach debt is critical to our financial goals as well as our health and well-being. Therefore one of our primary goals should be to eliminate as much debt as possible.

Debt Management

There are several approaches to Debt Management:
We would all prefer to carry no debt, but the reality is quite different.

Simultaneous and Focused Debt Reduction approaches share the same goal - Debt Elimination. And both approaches require planning, and disciplined execution. Understanding our exact debt position, and establishing a debt reduction plan is the first major step toward debt control and eventual elimination.

By organizing debt into a single working reduction framework, planning for elimination, and monitoring our progress, we can take deliberate steps to break the debt cycle and eliminate debt.

Jazer Tool Suites enable analysis and elimination planning and tracking functions.

Debt Elimination and Mortgage Analysis examples

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Debt is a burden that affects many areas of our lives, and eliminating debt has become a primary focus for a lot of people. By analyzing the results of our current approach to debt, and trying various elimination scenarios, we can determine the plan that provides the greatest benefit for our financial situation. Jazer's "Debt Elimination" window shown in the image above, allows us to track progress, try what-if scenarios, and see graphically how we're progressing toward our goal.