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Take control of your financial present and future!

Jazer 100 is a complete personal finance management solution designed to provide a simplified single-source financial analysis and management tool: a personal tool-set to analyze, manage, plan, and track personal financial information.

The program is designed for people who truly want to manage their finances, know where their money is going, plan how they use their money, and try "what-if?" scenarios with savings, mortgages, debt payments, and retirement accounts to determine the best course of action.

Easy to Use!

The flow and interaction of the various windows simplify information update and analysis, and ensure accuracy across the various sections. The program includes a comprehensive help file, and throughout the program there are highlighted pop-up hints and explanations.


The Jazer 100 data file is an encoded file, controlled and stored by you, and can be password protected for additional security. It is a secure, stand-alone program that does not utilize the internet to send or retrieve personal or secure information. It does not attach itself to bank or investment accounts, or pass personal data and passwords across the internet

Why use Jazer 100?

Our financial goals are often very general, like "be out of debt" or "get a better handle on our money". If we don't have a clear picture of where we are and where we're headed, the chances that we're making progress in the right direction are pretty slim. In fact, we could be slipping in the wrong direction. We need a way to get our arms around the whole financial picture, establish an integrated plan, strategize, work the plan, and make changes as our situation changes. To do this, we need an integrated program that provides:

Jazer 100 provides these capabilities and more.

Screen Captures

Capability Summaries:

The Budget Analysis tool captures weekly, monthly, and yearly income and expenses, determines disposable income, and provides for status, analysis, and planning.

The Balance Sheet is a snap-shot of the financial situation using Liquid and Non-Liquid (material) Assets, and both Short and Long-term debt. It provides sub-totals, totals, and calculates the actual net worth and recommended net worth values.

The Debt Elimination tool enables debt reduction tracking as well as forecasting the results of various payment and interest rate scenarios to determine the optimum payment method for reducing and eliminating debt.

The Mortgage Analysis tool provides detailed mortgage data including an amortization schedule and a means to track mortgage status and highlight changes and benefits realized through pre-paid principal.

There are four Loan Tracking and forecasting windows that provide loan schedules including a column for over-payments. In addition, Loan Tracking #3 & #4 handle 26 payments per year.

Finance Manager captures financial details, and is used to update changing information. This data is also used by other sections for display and calculations. In some cases, the information in other segments is dependent upon timely and accurate information in this section.

The Performance Tracking tool enables quarterly investment return analysis with over-all portfolio as well as individual investment performance calculations. There is a provision for including net additions and withdrawals to ensure accurate performance data.

The Portfolio Details segment is used to capture category and segment investment details to form the current and desired Asset Allocation picture. This enables balanced portfolio analysis and planning, benchmark return comparisons, and provides insight into actual investment composition and returns.

Asset Allocation uses the combined investment data to determine allocations for planning and balancing, and calculates the investment direction needed to achieve the desired levels. It also provides for proposed or desired allocations to enable asset allocation planning, strategies, and tracking.

Investment Forecast calculates future values based on current balances and anticipated rates of return. The starting values, and expected return percentage can be modified for planning and analysis.

Primary Portfolio and Benchmark Portfolio are used to track current or potential investments for analysis and cost comparison.

Retirement Planning provides planning and analysis functions for determining retirement expenses, income, savings needed at retirement, and the savings needed to achieve financial goals. It includes a forecasting capability, optional inflation factor, current savings, anticipated savings growth, and years-to-retirement values to provide the most accurate information.

Retirement Expenses provides a simple solution to listing, categorizing, and totaling monthly and annual retirement expenses. These values are then used on the Retirement Planning sheet above.

The Savings Longevity section determines the length of time that planned or actual savings will last given a selected starting balance, expected interest rate, and an annual withdrawal amount either in dollars or as a percentage.

The Economic Value & Survivorship window calculates earning potential and survivor needs, including an option to apply an inflation factor, salary increases, and other variables.

The Utilities Section provides Advanced Calculators, Display Options, Tax Journals, a Calendar for convenience, and a Personal Notepad.

The Help menu includes access to an extensive Getting Started resource that uses the data from the sample data file to explain the various segments of the program.


Jazer 100 is designed to operate on personal computers and systems running the Windows operating system. The memory and CPU requirements are far below industry standards, and Jazer products should operate as designed on most systems that are running Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, or more recent operating systems.


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