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Discover why people are switching to "cloud-free" personal finance software.

What makes Jazer products different?

No Web or Cloud access required: Many people are discovering that a "cloud" is not the best place to put their most valuable information. Jazer products provide the solution with cloud-free personal finance management software that does not use the internet, and does not link to bank or other financial accounts.

Easy to use: Although our products provide a great deal of capability, they are designed in a building-block format with an intuitive flow. A sample data file is included and the User Manual walks through each area using the sample data. Calculations are automated, and data entered once is populated to other sections. The programs also include green and blue font indicators for additional help and information.

Secure: The data files are encrypted and user controlled, and can be password protected for added security. Our products do not use the internet to send, receive, or store personal data, or log into personal accounts.

Accurate: All calculations have been control-tested and verified using certified bank and financial calculators, and utilize bankers rounding at the 7th or 9th decimal as required for accuracy.

Fully supported: By phone or email, our support team is in-house and available for technical or programmatic support.

Comprehensive and integrated: Jazer personal finance programs are complete financial management solutions designed to provide simplified single-source financial planning, analysis, strategizing, and reporting capability including the following segments and capabilities.

Some of the Segments Included:

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Jazer programs will benefit:

In summary: There are many software packages available that provide bill paying and budgetary tools that perform bank account data handling, credit card reconciliation, and online banking. And many of these options are available through most bank websites. For handheld devices, there are approximately 15,485 different apps available that will display this information, check balances, and allow bill paying, but prudent financial management encompasses so much more. And each of the financial areas need to be integrated together to form the complete financial picture and provide for comprehensive analysis. Jazer personal finance software products provide the solution.

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